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The government, education and business elites foisted the entire humbuggery of the multi-cult mosaic on the Canadian people. It’s that most ancient tactic of ruling/ controlling people by dividing them.

A mosaic is made of pieces of coloured glass or tile fixed in place and separated from each other by cement.

I think most Canadians would like Canada to be like a symphony orchestra in which people from all sorts of backgrounds, playing a wide variety of instruments, produce the glorious sound of a masterpiece.

Canadians don’t care if clerics wear distinguishing clothes or groom themselves differently. They do resent lay people strutting our streets wearing clothing or grooming themselves in ways that are alien to our standards. Such behaviour signals that they think they are particularly pious members of a segment of a religion. They are wearing clothing or grooming themselves in ways that some grumpy old men dictated they had to if they were to be counted among the blessed/privileged few.

It’s not as though Canada doesn’t provide lots of scope for expressions of individuality! And it is obvious that the vast majority of newcomers to Canada want to fit in with the mores of their neighbours in this blessed land.

Resentment arises when those few who persist in special religious costuming or grooming tell us they think they are superior persons.They flagrantly rub our noses in the fact that they think their religion makes them better than us.

Think about it. People don’t wear different clothing or groom themselves differently in order to tell their neighbours they are the same as them. And they sure don’t do so to tell them they are inferior! It’s a blatant display of assumed superiority. Most people see it as such and resent being poked in the eye by newcomers or offsiders who are clearly saying they don’t want to live by Canadian standards because they think their standards are better.

There are all kinds of clubs and societies who consider special garb and/or grooming to be an important part of membership. But, they change into it from street clothing after they’ve entered their meeting places. They have chosen not to offend non-members by an ostentatious public display of their affiliation.

Not a bad practice for religious extremists to adopt.

January 25, 2019