The people who are opposed to the socialist principle and all its consequences have handicapped themselves by allowing socialists to define the agenda and the terms of the struggle. Socialists have even been allowed to define the alternative to "socialism"!

Most often, "capitalism" is said to be the opposite of "socialism". But capitalism is merely one of three ways to describe how human beings do business. (Barter and mercantilism are the other two.)

Human affairs embrace much more than business and socialism is not just about business. Socialism is a fundamental first principle affecting all aspects of the human condition, and can only be countered and defeated by a first principle of equal scope.

The core meaning of socialism is that the community is the basic value in human affairs. The individual person has no rights - it is the community that determines the terms and conditions under which the people in it live.

Problem is, communities aren't living beings. They don't have a body, mind and soul. You can't take a community out for a beer and talk things over. Communities of any size, be they a club, an association, a church, or a nation, always "act" according to the wishes of the people who control them. Throughout history, whether they shot their way to the top or got there by inheritance, election, or appointment, it has been the elites in the positions of authority who have decided the interests of communities and thereby controlled the people in them.

Now, it goes without saying that good governance is essential to civilization. Surely every sensible person can agree that only in a peaceful and ordered environment can we have the personal freedom that enables the pursuit of a good life. Law, regulation and the institutions of good governance are essential to creating and sustaining that peaceful and ordered environment.

The key issues are:

  • who decides what good governance is, and who controls the people who occupy the positions that provide good governance.
  • "Personalism" is the opposite of "socialism". The core meaning of personalism is that the individual is the basic value in human affairs. If personalism prevailed, the individuals in a community would determine the terms and conditions of their own good governance. It's called democracy - government by the people. Mankind's agelong hunger has been for democratic governance operating on the personalist principle.


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