C.W. (Charlie) CONN


A results-oriented person with broad experience in a wide range of businesses, Charlie Conn has had a long and successful career as a senior practitioner and executive of effective consumer goods and services marketing. Highly creative, positive and organized, Charlie has a particular talent for developing structures, processes and new brands.


  • Founded The Great Canadian Wine Trading Company Ltd. to export Ontario Icewine.

  • Prepared the business plans and applications that enabled three Niagara wineries to obtain their two O.W.A.P. grants.
  • Was engaged, simultaneously, as Director of Marketing for a major restaurant group and a major consumer electronics retailer.
  • Taught advertising at U.B.C., marketing at Simon Fraser, and delivered public seminars at U.B.C. entitled "Cutting the Risks in Advertising".
  • Held the western Canadian rights to market and deliver public seminars for a sales programme entitled "The Psychological Dimensions of Relationship Selling".


  • Director of Marketing for the country's largest winery.
  • Fifteen years' experience with two major ad agencies in Toronto, New York and Vancouver culminating as the V.P., General Manager of the Vancouver office of the country's largest agency.
  • Senior Brand Manager for a major food processor.


  • Bachelor of Commerce - Queen's University
  • CAAP diploma
  • Communispond course
  • AMA Top Management course
  • Board of Directors, Junior Achievement, Vancouver (2 years as Chair)
  • Board of Directors, Unity of Vancouver (2 years as Treasurer)
  • Association of Canadian Advertisers Board
  • Ran for Parliament in 1993
  • Authored "Personalism v Socialism", a collection of six essays dealing with governance among free people
  • Conceived, wrote and introduced the Communications Planning document used by the country's largest ad agency and chaired its Quality Control Board
  • Established spending guidelines, process flow and brand personality standards for new brand introductions


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