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The Wimpification of the West

By George Jonas. I was multitasking: rummaging in old notebooks, while listening to the news. That’s how I discovered that I had commented on last week’s news events 20 years ago. Prescience? Time warp? No, just serendipity.

SCHOOL — 1958 vs. 2008

Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1958 – Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack’s shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2008 – School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees […]

Easy Money And The Loss Of Character

Does character matter? We are obliged to say yes. Character must matter. But where does character show itself in the pre-eminent economic conundrum of our times – the market meltdown of 2008 and the deepening recession of 2009? Yes, Chrysler workers accepted pay and cuts to benefits to save their jobs. But that concession was […]

Self Sacrifice

I was reading in this week’s Maclean’s how Michelle Obama’s goal is to make employment more family friendly – unpaid time off for having a baby, 24 hours of some sort of leave to attend to a sick child, stuff like that.

The Canadian Character

The Canadian character is based on the belief that a person’s actions speak louder than words. It’s driven by our cold, northern climate and mostly rockbound environment. Canada’s glorious history overflows with individual heroes, explorers, inventors, doctors, warriors, creators, athletes, scholars, engineers, entertainers, businessmen, scientists, architects, builders paladins in every field of human endeavour.

The Maple Leaf Forever

1. In days of yore, from every shore, Dauntless heroes bravely came, And planted firm fair freedom’s flag, On Canada’s wide domain. Here may it wave, our hope and pride, And bind in trust forever, The Lion and the Unicorn, The Maple Leaf Forever. [CHORUS] Long may she fly, Our emblem dear, The Maple Leaf […]


Letter to Lorrie Goldstein, Editor, Toronto SUN, January 14, 2007. It will surely be a long process to unlearn the teaching of many millennia that the people in the next valley/down the coast/across the lake/up in the hills are inferior and are not “the people”. You folks in the media could help. 1. Stop using […]

The First Canadians I

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Pennsylvania reps to the Albany Congress in 1754 which had been convened by the English Board of Trade to discuss taking joint action to a) improve relations with the Indians and b) defend against the “canucks” who were making life miserable for the “yanqui bastonnais” on the borders of […]

The First Canadians II

First Canadian or Original Native Affairs: The damage done to Canada and her original natives by the Indian Industry should never have been allowed to get started, and, has to be stopped, reversed and repaired at the earliest possible date. It is completely inaccurate to use the term “first nations” when referring to Canada’s first […]

Spicer Extracts

Cherry-picked extracts from Chairman Keith Spicer's Foreword to The Citizens' Forum On Canada's Future, published in June 1991. "The idea of Canada as a model for mankind is a grand one, worth defending far more passionately than many of us, or our leaders, do. This country is dying of ignorance and of our stubborn refusal […]