Personal freedom

1. We believe in a strong and united Canada and that Canadian citizenship is an honour, a privilege and a responsibility.

2. We believe in the inherent value and dignity of the individual; that the rights and responsibilities of all citizens should be the same; and that laws, regulations and programs should treat all Canadians to whom they apply equally.

3. We believe that the family is the fundamental building block of a healthy society; the main support of individuals; and the primary mechanism by which Canadians pass on their values and beliefs to the next generation.

4. We believe that every citizen is entitled to freedom of opinion, speech, worship and assembly, without fear of intimidation or suppression, so long as the exercise of those freedoms does not assault the right of other citizens to enjoy the security of a peaceful and orderly environment.

Real democracy

5. We believe that governments exist to serve and support their citizens, not rule them.

6. We believe citizens should be able to determine the terms and conditions of their own governance.

7. We believe citizens should have the power to control what their governments do and the power to control the authorities in their government.

8. We believe in the common sense of the Canadian people and that they should have the right of approval on major issues of public policy; the right to elect and recall their representatives in parliament; and the right to directly initiate legislation for which public support has been demonstrated.

9. We believe that only accountable, responsible representatives, in an elected, bicameral parliament controlled by the people of Canada, should have the supreme authority in a democratic Canada. Unelected, appointed judicial, administrative and other civil service employees must only advise, not legislate.

10. We believe that reducing the size and cost of governance will improve service, support, effectiveness and efficiency.

11. We believe that the first obligation of the representatives in Canada’s parliament must be to their neighbours who elect and pay them, not to their political parties.


12. We believe that personal freedom and the right to private property are essential to economic prosperity and that government should only do those things which citizens, either individually or collectively, cannot do for themselves.

13. We believe that the creation of wealth and productive jobs is best achieved in a responsible, broadly-based, entrepreneurial economy in which the operations of competitive markets are respected and supported.

14. We believe that wider-spread prosperity for Canadians depends on government reducing the percentage it takes out of the economy to an historically justifiable and internationally competitive level.


15. We believe the purpose of our justice system should be to protect the persons, property, freedom and rights of law-abiding citizens – the vast majority. It should not be to protect or rehabilitate criminals.

16. We believe that good government accepts the responsibility to ensure a social safety net for those unable to provide for themselves.

17. We believe it is just common sense for the Canadian government to foster policies that improve peoples’ skills, knowledge and health.

18. We believe that good government ensures the preservation and exposition of Canada’s glorious history and ensures the conservation and accessibility of our natural environment for present and future generations.