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The “Global Warming/Climate Change” movement is the most colossal fraud in history. Existing facts prove the case. 1.The “Greenhouse Effect” of the atmosphere enables all life on earth – animal and vegetable.

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More Sunspots and Global Warming

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Brits at their Best Sun’s low magnetic activity may portend an ice age The Canadian Space Agency’s radio telescope has been reporting Flux Density Values so low they will mean a mini ice age if they continue. Like the number of sunspots, the Flux Density Values reflect the Sun’s magnetic activity, which affects the rate […]

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Letter to Lorrie Goldstein, Editor, Toronto SUN, January 14, 2007. It will surely be a long process to unlearn the teaching of many millennia that the people in the next valley/down the coast/across the lake/up in the hills are inferior and are not “the people”. You folks in the media could help. 1. Stop using […]

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