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Letter to Messrs. Harris and Manning

I have just finished reading your A Canada Strong & Free series. It’s terrific! It ought to be required reading in every secondary school in the country. There is only one area in which you might want to think about modifying your position. Many studies (the Spicer Commission is a notable one) reveal that there […]

What, No Provinces!?

Imagine A Canada Without Provincial Governments At the top of the wish list of any Canadian government would have to be that all the rabidly quarrelsome, obstructionist, robber-baron provincial governments could somehow be made to magically disappear overnight. And the majority of the people of Canada have, for years, been clearly stating they are Canadians […]

Two’s Company

B: Two’s Company, Three (Or More) Is A Crowd. Adapted from the Original in the Toronto Star March 25, 1994 The first thing a new constitution will have to do is redesign the territorial jurisdictions in Canada. Now, it may be that a Citizens’ Assembly would conclude that the current territorial jurisdictions (provinces, territories, counties, […]