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The New GM

The new GM could fit in the trunk of a Volkswagen In the bizarro backward-land that is the North American auto-rescue world, the industry would be saved by chopping it into an itty-bitty, teenie-weenie fraction of what it once was.

Making The Worst Of It

By Kevin Libin National Post February 7, 2009. By the time President Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed his nation in his first radio fireside chat one March evening in 1933, America’s banking system was on the brink of collapse. A fifth of the country’s financial institutions were out of business. Citizens, nervous about losing their savings, […]

More Davos ‘Globaloney’

By Peter Foster National Post, January 29, 2009. 7:03 PM The typically pretentious theme of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos is “Shaping the Post-Crisis World.” But didn’t Davos shape the pre-crisis world, and thus the crisis itself? The annual Alpine gabfest has long been the epicentre of ‘globaloney,’ a mixture of serious discussion, […]

American Prescription an Overdose in Canada

Jan 24, 2009 04:30 AM David Olive Toronto Star Business Columnist As with all fads, we should be wary of the deficit chic that has turned the heads of even the most resolute deficit hawks. It will prompt the federal finance minister, Jim Flaherty, in his “stimulus” budget Tuesday to put Canada on the road […]

Flaherty Digs Himself a Deep, Dark Hole

By: Terence Corcoran: Give Jim Flaherty high marks for rhetorical restraint: The words “shovel” and “ready” do not make it into the Finance Minister’s budget speech and appear only once in his massive 360-page budget plan. That’s where restraint ends, however. Otherwise, there’s a shovel on almost every page. Within weeks, all Canadian taxpayers can […]

The Pig and the Bear

Almost 20 years ago, I found the following story, as I recall, in one of those kid entertainment booklets at a McDonalds. I have always loved it, but think I have only just begun to understand why. The Pig and the Bear decided to go into business. “We’ll make lots of money!” they thought. The […]

Free The Markets

By Vaclav Klaus, from the Financial Times as printed in the Financial Post, 01/09/09. It is a common feeling that the Czech Republic is taking over the European Union presidency at a rather complicated moment, even though almost all “moments” can eventually be called “complicated”. We should not panic and must say “No” to people […]

Dear Employees & Suppliers

Congress and the current Administration will soon determine whether to provide immediate support to the domestic auto industry to help it through one of the most difficult economic times in our nation’s history. Your elected officials must hear from all of us now on why this support is critical to our continuing the progress we […]

The Bureaucrats vs. Bankers’ Tag Team Match

Just like on the good old WWE grunt ’n groan Battles Royale of good vs. evil on TV Wrestling, we’ve got a knock down drag out tussle over our Canadian banks’ lending practices, at this time of financial stress and market illiquidity. It seems that the Canadian banks are not following the government’s script of […]

Why Governments Can’t Stop Market Crashes

NEIL REYNOLDS Globe and Mail Update January 7, 2009 at 6:00 AM EST Vernon Smith, the American economist who won a Nobel Prize in 2002 for his laboratory scrutiny of abstract economic theory, demonstrated that you can’t end market crashes by imposing more government regulations. Born to a poor Kansas farm family on Jan. 1, […]

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