Our mission is to bring better government to Canada.

Good government serves and supports its citizens in a peaceful and orderly environment that works – an environment that enables them to get on with their daily lives and pursue their dreams to the extent of their abilities and ambitions.

Canadians want a strong, prosperous nation of united citizens. Canada’s glorious history and fabulous future belong to all of us. Regardless of where we live in Canada, our mother tongue, ancestry, religion, age, income, gender or any other characteristic that distinguishes individuals, Canadians are united in the conviction that the rights and responsibilities of all citizens should be the same.

We envision a Canadian government that effectively performs the essential functions of a modern nation while respecting the reality that local jurisdictions deliver most of the public services citizens expect.

We believe this can best be achieved by a principled government that is representative, accountable, fiscally and socially responsible, and truly democratic. This will require modernizing and strengthening our political institutions, increasing opportunities for citizen input and participation, and more clearly describing the structures and principles on which a renovated government will operate.

Canada is a land with a history of diverse regions and strong people who set aside their differences to open up a great continent and build a stable, peaceful, prosperous and caring nation on a foundation of sound democratic, economic and social values. Our Principles and Policies build on this unique heritage. They reflect the best of Canada’s historic and contemporary political movements, adapted to meet the challenges of the modern world.