Red Islands

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In recent years, the day after every national election, the Toronto Red Star has published maps of the Ontario results. Ridings in which Conservative candidates won were appropriately coloured blue and ridings where Liberal or NDP candidates won were appropriately coloured variants of red; ie. deep pink or coral respectively.

The October 2008 election map of southern Ontario (south of the Mattawa River/Lake Nipissing/French River watersheds, or, the 97 ridings from Parry Sound-Muskoka, Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock and Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke south) is a great big blue sea with some red islands in it. However, the population distribution resulted in about a 50-50 split in ridings – 48 blues and 49 reds.

There are seven smallish red islands:

Ottawa area – 3 ridings – Universities, colleges, government, light industry.
Kingston – 1 riding – University, colleges, government, light industry.
Welland – 1 riding – University, mixed industry.
Hamilton – 3 ridings – University, colleges, heavy and light industry.
Guelph – 1 riding – University, colleges, light industry.
Kitchener-Waterloo – 1 riding – Universities, colleges, light industry.
London – 2 ridings – University, colleges, light industry, commerce.
Windsor – 2 ridings – University, mixed industry.

Notice there is only one riding with a University that escapes the list – Peterborough – probably because it is a large riding with a small-town and rural population. Notice also that the ridings with big auto plants and no universities – Oshawa, Oakville, Simcoe-Grey and Oxford are blues.

Then there’s the BIG red island – ridings in Toronto city and in the immediately abutting municipalities. There are 37 ridings in this Toronto-core island and all but three were reds.

The Toronto-core also has universities – big ones, one with three campuses – plus many colleges, government employees, mixed industry and commerce.

The one common element in all the red islands is that they all have universities.

While this is not the place to catalogue all the sins of our institutions of ‘higher learning’, it is fair to point out that for at least two generations universities have led the charge to braindirty their students into unthinking, uncritical acceptance of socialist dogma. They have turned out armies of ‘politically correct’ automatons who seem only too willing to become serfs on the farm, or, to become the pigs that run the farm. (Per George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.)

Furthermore, the bulk of the country’s LiberalDemocrat socialist establishment lives in the Toronto-core.

Educrats, deskcrats, mediacrats, the canlit/cancult crowd and the limousine-liberal speculators and senior executives of the Gordon (Greed Is Good) Gekko business school have joined together in an informal ‘we know best’ alliance. They love to mingle at black-tie galas and are all accustomed to that positional authority that seldom encounters and rarely tolerates backtalk. They are the self-ordained elites and might more properly be titled the power establishment because they have co-opted the power to control the governance of our community.

They are a small minority – probably no more than 3 – 5% of the population – but it is worthwhile noting that when Red China had a billion people, it had 45 million Communist socialist party members who had or controlled all the positions of authority in that country. Now 45 million is a lot of people but it was only 4.5% of the population. Similarly, at the height of the Communist socialist party’s stranglehold on the people of the USSR, only 7% of the population were communists.

At the time of this writing, the Liberals have come out of the closet and abandoned any pretense of holding liberal principles. Their eagerness to embrace their Democrat socialist comrades in a ‘bloodless’ coup has unmasked their hunger for power and control.

Canadians are that close to losing their country to the pigs.

Charles W. Conn, Mississauga.
December 1, 2008.

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