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Well now we know The Plan. Our hydro costs are projected to double – on top of the 75% increase we've suffered in just the last seven years.
Barbara Tuchman was one of the premier historians of the 20th century. In her book, 'The March of Folly' she wrote; "Wooden-headedness, the source of self-deception, is a factor that plays a remarkably large role in government. It consists in assessing a situation in terms of preconceived, fixed notions while ignoring or rejecting any contrary signs. It is acting according to wish while not allowing oneself to be deflected by the facts."
The McGuinty-quarterbacked government's wooden-headed Green Energy project is stampeding Ontario into a deep gully of economic misery. Ontario was a wealthy province before that gang seized control of our government institutions. They have raised government folly to new heights.
What kind of government denies its citizens affordable access to the power they need to do business, produce products and just turn on the lights and stay warm? By their foolish pursuit of landscape-polluting windmill and solar farms, the McGuinty-quarterbacked Liberals have become a serious, "legalized" threat to the interests of all the citizens of Ontario. They need to be replaced, and their evil Green Energy Act wiped off the books, asap.
Not one single windmill or solar farm would ever have been, or ever will be, built without massive government subsidies (that's our money, taxpayers!). They are way too expensive to build and run otherwise.
Countries like Germany, Italy, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland and others who have had much longer experience with so-called "green" power generation are cancelling subsidies for existing wind and solar power generating facilities and have stopped dead the building of any new ones. The reason is simple – they don't work. The wind and sun are too variable and those countries which put such high hopes on them have discovered they have had to build more coal and/or gas powered generating stations to compensate for the unreliability of their "green" power systems.
Tiny Denmark erected more windmills than any other country – some 6,000. They were supposed to generate 20% of Denmark's power needs. At their best, they generated 12%. Denmark has also had to build coal and/or gas plants to make up the shortfall. Niels Gram, of the Danish Federation of Industries, said, "Windmills are a mistake and economically make no sense." Aase Madsen, Chair of Energy Policy in the Danish Parliament, called them a "terribly expensive disaster".
England erected windmills that were supposed to provide 5% of its power needs. They produced only 0.6%. But, high energy taxes, the previous closure of coal power plants and the legally mandated transition to "green" power sent electricity prices so high that 5.5 million households were forced into "fuel poverty". The English are also now madly re-building their coal and/or gas power generating capacity.
Spain went into solar power production in a big way. Same story – it didn't work and the subsidization was so massive the government is now nearly bankrupt. And new "green" jobs? – for every "green" job created, 2.2 regular jobs were lost. Some tradeoff!
Countries like China and India which are energetically trying catch up to western standards of living are building coal fired plants to power their industrialization. China is building them at the rate of one a week. The McGuinty-quarterbacked Liberals are blowing ours up or shutting them down!
Meanwhile, foreign companies are selling windmill and solar farm components in Ontario because the McGuinty-quarterbacked government either can't or won't read about the experiences in other countries and are giving away billions of our tax dollars to subsidize these companies. They must be laughing all the way to their banks about the suckers in Ontario.  
Nobody disagrees with the fact that the average temperature worldwide has increased since the end of the "Little Ice Age" about 1850. There's been some minor debate about the size of the average, but real scientists, using rigid discipline and highly sophisticated instruments, have most commonly reported that the average had increased by 0.9 degrees celsius from 1850 to 2000 and 0.6 degrees in the 20th century. That's less than 1 degree in 150 years. (Some places on earth had warmed, some had cooled, that's why it was called an average.)
The increase was not steady – there were alarmist reports of "ice age" coolings in the 19 teens and 20's but, overall, the 1950's were 0.75 degrees warmer than the 1850's. The world average then cooled for about 2 decades (remember the bogus scares in the early '70's about the coming ice age?) then began to warm again in the late 1970's. It stopped warming in 1998 and has cooled by about 0.15 degrees since 2002 – about a quarter of all the increase in the entire 20th century.
If the observed cycles continue as they have done for the past 6000 years, the average will increase by another degree over the next 100 years or so. Thus, somewhere around 2100 AD the earth could be as warm as it was in 1000 AD, the year Leif Eriksson was prowling around Newfoundland and Labrador. That's right, scientists have discovered that the world was one degree warmer in 1000 AD than it was in 2000 AD.
The earth's climate was cycling through changes long ages before humans even existed let alone had fire! It will continue to do so without our help!
Those are historical facts. Then there are scientific facts.
Between 95% and 97% of the atmosphere's greenhouse effect is caused by water vapour – clouds, fog, mists, etc. The remaining 3% to 5% of the atmosphere's greenhouse effect is caused by four dry gases – mostly Carbon Dioxide with traces of Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Fluorcarbons.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant – it is essential to all life on this planet because it is what vegetation breathes.
Higher levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) do not cause warming – long term warming causes CO2 to be released from its "storage tanks", the oceans. Long term cooling causes the absorption of CO2 by the oceans. All other discussion of CO2's contribution to the atmosphere's greenhouse effect is therefore basically irrelevant.
Besides, the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is less than 400 parts per million parts of atmosphere. And 95% of it is produced by the oceans, volcanoes and animal exhalations. The Carbon Dioxide produced by humans burning carbon fuels contributes less than one quarter of 1% of the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere. The claim that such a miniscule portion of the atmosphere controls climate is complete nonsense.
To paraphrase a recent US political slogan – "It's the sun, stupids." Solar activity drives global warming and cooling and, therefore, climate change.
The claim that global warming/climate change is being caused by human activity is completely bogus – a monstrous fraud.
The fantastic claims of human culpability are nothing but a monstrous swindle being driven by a handful of limousine liberalsocialists and bureaucrats who think they will be able to assume controlling overlordship of western civilization by wrecking the economies of its most prosperous countries. Their strategy is to bankrupt western governments by diverting billions of dollars of their taxpayers' money to grossly inefficient projects, cockamamie inventions, worthless "studies", massively expensive publicity, gala conventions in the world's most luxurious facilities and other sinkholes of futility. Their strategy is working!
They are aided and abetted by a tiny handful of faux-science, computer modeling, grant-sucking academics who refuse to allow real climate science and historic facts get in the way of their hunger for publicity, power and money for themselves and their "causes".
Braindead media flacks and so-called "educators" pass along their voodoo/junk science. It's hard to know who to blame – the liars or the ones who transmit lies.
Ignorant politicians have pandered to the pressure exerted by these fanatical extremists and have already wasted, and are planning to waste, billions of public money (our taxes) on what will one day be known as the single greatest example of government folly in recorded history.
POLLUTION, not global warming/climate change, is a contemporary problem – water, air and land pollution. But, these problems are LOCAL, not global, and they are curable by currently available and affordable technologies. These technologies are truly deserving of public spending.
It's time to put finite public funds to work in support of things that have already been proven to work. A national programme is needed.
1.   Water: Support building sewage treatment plants. Cities and
towns from St. John's to Victoria are pouring raw sewage into our oceans, lakes and rivers. It may not be very glamourous, but, think of the mileage governments could get by telling Torontonians they could swim off their own beaches again!
Sewage could also be used to generate electricity. There is a plant in the centre of downtown Vienna which treats and burns sewage at ultra high temperature for just this purpose. There are already systems in Ontario and the Maritimes that can do the same.
Air: Smog containing particulate matter from oil, coal and gas burning industrial and electric power plants, can be a problem on some hot summer days in major urban centres.
"Green" power can be produced by building hydro power plants on the great rivers draining wastefully into the Arctic Ocean, James and Hudson's Bays and the Atlantic from the Shield. Support building Trans-Canada transmission lines for the hydro power already being generated in Labrador, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. Quebec is already building so much hydro power generating capacity they can afford to mothball some in anticipation of future demand.
Equally effective would be building new, and retrofitting current, oil, coal and gas burning industrial and electric power plants. The technology to scrub smokestack emissions clean has long been practiced in Europe, Japan and even in the U.S. If we can clean up INCO's smelter stacks in Copper Cliff near Sudbury, we can clean up any stacks anywhere!
Support phasing out existing nuclear power plant sites. They are way too expensive to build and maintain and what does one do with the nuclear waste! 
Solar panels on individual buildings and small windmills on acreage to power homes off the grid should be left to market enterprise.
Internal combustion engines in cars, trucks, trains and planes have become so efficient that their contribution of particulate matter to smog is about 2%. The only thing that might be worthwhile to improve are the inadequate highway systems around our major metropolises that force engines to idle rather than drive.
3. Land: Ultra high temp Incinerators are working in a multitude of municipalities around the world and even in Canada. They heat buildings and/or generate electricity. Replace open pit garbage dumps with ultra high temperature incinerators in all major cities and towns. In smaller municipalities, the sanitary dump might still have a place. "Building tomorrow's golf course and ski hill." is how you plan them.
The key is major incentives for municipalities and corporations to get on with profitable projects with what is least expensive and has already been proven to work. No need to wait for more studies, no need to wait for pusillanimous provo politicians.
The whole programme could have a hugely inspirational effect on Canadians as worthy of intense national pride and support if it was positioned BIG. A real mission to build a genuine clean green future for all Canadians.
Charles Conn
Hastings, ON