Brave New World?

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The following italicized paragraphs are extracted from my essay; “The Personalist Manifest” completed in September, 1998, and forming part of my collection of six essays collectively entitled, “Personalism v. Socialism” published in spring 2001.

It is amazing how accurately Mr. Huxley foresaw the future. It is horrifying how much more quickly it is occurring than even he anticipated.

Aldous Huxley wrote the classic future fiction novel “Brave New World” in 1932. Huxley was a brilliant scholar and ardent socialist, until he saw the Soviet Union in action! The story is set about 2,500 AD, mainly in England.

In “Brave New World”, the oligarchic elites have gone way beyond the 20th Century socialist dictators who controlled by mass slaughters, planned famines, gulags, re-education “camps” and other nasty goings‑on. Those methods were much too inefficient. In the future “ideal” socialist state, the oligarchic elites control a peaceable population of mindless drones who love their slavery ‑ who can’t even conceive of an alternative.

Today’s self-appointed, self-styled alpha-elites are the academic, intellectual, bureaucratic and media pundits who have almost universally embraced the socialist worldview – that the individual person should be completely subordinated to the interests of the community. (The community’s interests are as determined by the alpha-elites of course.) Thus, “…, ask  what you can do for your country.” or “It takes a village to raise a child.”

The oligarchic elites, or “controllers”, are called “alphas”. “Betas”, “gammas”, “deltas” and “epsilons” have descending levels of work responsibility from manager to labourer. All classes of all people are created in laboratories by chemical manipulation of genetic material prior to artificial insemination. The fetus gestates in a test tube where cloning of the lower classes occurs. Intensive sleep learning in infant creches programs in all the jargon/slogan “knowledge” a particular class needs to know.

Radical feminists declare males are no longer needed for human life to continue. Institutions intended to teach boys how to be leaders of of their communities are castrated and turned into co-ed centres of sensitivity training. Compare the former boy scouts and boys’ schools to the still-rigidly-segregated girl guides and girls’ schools.

Today’s papers are full of the need to introduce state-run (not just state-regulated) child-indoctrination centres. They are masked as “care” centres, but, in truth, they would be nothing less than the fulfillment of every socialist’s wet dream; “Give me the children/schools and I’ll control the country in 20 years.”

In Huxley’s “Brave New World”, the family doesn’t exist. There are no permanent couple relationships. Programming has turned “father” and “mother” into disgustingly obscene concepts and the saying of either word is considered degraded.

What can be the end game motivating the violence and frequency of the scorn and derision the alpha-elites are heaping on the bedrock principles that have enabled the human race to progress from living in caves? The sanctity and permanence of marriage, abstinence, faithfulness, prudence, decency, moderation, modesty, monogamy, honesty, common sense, fair play – all the norms of civilized behaviour – are sneeringly scorned by today’s alpha-elites. “If it feels good, do it,” they say, “everything’s relative.”

Except for “alphas”, all classes of people are programmed to believe that “‘Everyone works for everyone else. Everyone belongs to everyone else. So, everyone’s happy nowadays.” Wanting to be alone is considered to be an abnormality requiring treatment.

Just think of the herd/pack/gang mentality reported to exist among young people today and the animosity directed against those who won’t or can’t “fit in”. The personalist worldview, that since reason is the property of the individual person, the individual person is the basic human value, is not even listed in some major dictionaries.

Time is spent at meaningless repetitive work, group play, eating together and sleeping with someone. Play consists mainly of passive observation of television or virtual reality games or surround‑sound/feely/scented movies. All this is accompanied by the constant taking of the “soma” drug provided free to all other classes by the “alphas”.

Life is a video game, a rave, a “reality” show. Studies are showing that a far higher percentage of teenagers have tried and/or are using drugs than cigarettes. They are smoking or swallowing or injecting dope like crazy while the alpha-elites are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in frenzied, mendacious attacks on the relatively benign act of cigarette smoking. They are criminalizing cigarette smoking and trying to de-criminalize dope. Our young people are being driven to brain-killing dope = soma.

Thus, from the oldest historical evidence to the speculations of a future brave new world we see hardly any variation in principles and in structure. Whether a kingdom, republic, church, union, or whatever, we see hierarchical organizations, supposedly created to benefit the members, turned into hierarchical organizations that benefit the bosses. Compulsion replaces cooperation, submission replaces support.