E-mail to J. Prentice, Minister of Environment

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January 3, 2009.

We are about 10 years into a 30 to 40 year warming phase, and are about 160 years into ….

a 500 to 700 year “little warm age”, and are about 20,000 years into and near the peak of ….

the latest of the interglacial periods which have been alternating with glacial periods about every 100,000 years within the current ice age which began 40 million years ago.

Any statement that human activity is the cause of these cycles is a bald-faced lie.

Human activity causes less than one quarter of 1% of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the boon that permits all life on this planet to exist! But human beings had absolutely nothing to do with creating it and we’ll have absolutely nothing to do with affecting it.

You simply must denounce the Global Warming/Climate Change mania. Stop all the spending of our tax dollars on the cockamamie schemes which will do nothing but harm our economy.

C.W. Conn.

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