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Authors as varied as Margaret Atwood, Sinclair Lewis and Taylor Caldwell have portrayed Canada as a safe haven for individuals fleeing single-party dictatorships in the U.S.A. The following is a plea from a Canadian urging the few remaining advocates of personalism in the country to assume the task of convincing Canadian voters to reject the future into which the Truderal government is hurling us.

The corona virus doesn’t kill people or even make them sick. The corona virus attacks the protecting antibodies of a person’s pulmonary immune system. If the virus prevails over the antibodies, the person can get a cold, or the flu, or pneumonia, or worsened asthma, or other pulmonary disease. A person’s immune system is more vulnerable when they are elderly; an occupant of a high rise office or apartment tower or user of mass transit in a major urban centre; or an occupant of a long term care warehouse anywhere. In fact those are the features of virtually every case so far.

But “Cases” are the wrong measure of the situation. As of October 10, 2020, of the 9.6 million Canadians tested since March 2020, less than 2% (180,000) had the virus. Thus, more than 98% of the testeds’ immune systems either repelled the virus or were not exposed. The vast majority of that 2% did not become sick – the virus simply joined the zillions of other viruses and microbes that enjoy living in and on our bodies. Of the few who did get sick, the vast majority were treated and cured at home, and 0.1% of the testeds, or 9,600 people, died. In no possible way does this compare to historic pandemics and should never have been called one.

For years , cold, flu and pneumonia seasons have lasted from October to May. Instead of continuing to accumulate corona virus statistics to make things appear to be becoming ever more calamitous, officials should have started reporting a new 2020-2021 season’s stats starting in October 2020. In recent seasons, prior to the advent of the corona virus, the “normal” death toll from pulmonary diseases has been 8,000 to 10,000 Canadians per season. In the 2019-2020 season, the death toll “attributed” to the corona virus was 9,600 persons. The death toll from flu was reported to have been almost negligible. What happened? Is it possible that Officials attributed what was a death rate at the high end of a “normal” season’s to the corona virus in order to aid and abet the panic and sway ignorant politicians into imposing their drastic economy- and people-killing lockouts?

On November 22, 2020, Johns Hopkins University published a study confirming the fact that Covid-19 had had no effect on total deaths in the U.S. Detailed scrutiny of deaths from all causes in the last six years confirmed that deaths attributed to Covid-19 were offset by declines from all other causes. JHU deleted the report on November 26 – it didn’t support the proper narrative. Who could have the power to force a hugely prestigious institution like Johns Hopkins to delete the report of a research study whose data and conclusions they knew were accurate?

The Panic has proven to be an incredibly successful test of population control. And taking control of a nation’s health care system was the first in the Comintern’s list of eight tactics for turning a country into a single party, socialist dictatorship. If people are afraid for their lives they will do anything official authorities order them to do.

The mockingbird puppets in mainstream and social media are already chirping that those who detect manipulators behind the  corona virus panic are delirious whackadoos, or some other dismissive term, who should be ignored, and are being censored.

But, more and more authoritative voices in some mainstream and social media and respected think tank and medical publications are coming forward with soundly reasoned and supported denunciations of the entire range of responses by governments. Basically, they are pointing out that the actual numbers don’t support the claims of mass destruction. (See above ) And forecasts of even greater disaster in the future are based on models – all of which prove to be drastically too high when their due dates arrive. (Models are just computer speculations made from biased, incomplete or inaccurate inputs.) They are also questioning who/what is driving the hysterical responses of the politicians and officials who are destroying the lives of so many millions of their people.

Let’s look at what is already in the public domain.

* In the early days of the Panic, some notables including Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates declared that the “crisis” offered an excellent opportunity to install a “New World Order”. In the summer of 2020, the terms Reset and Great Reset replaced “New World Order” (It smacked too much of “Brave New World”) to describe the destruction of all the basic conditions of personal freedom and prosperity remaining in the so-called “Free World”. The resetters have been around for at least a couple of centuries but really hit their stride after the dislocations of World War ll. They are as motley a collection of different interest/advocacy/cause groups and individuals as ever cooperated to achieve a goal. Their one, unifying conviction is the principle that individual rights should be completely subordinated to the interests of the community. The “interests of the community” are as each resetter group or individual decides of course, which raises the interesting question of which interests will prevail when the resetters take control of the world.

* In the 1960’s, the enviro- and eco- radicals began their aggressive tactics. They initially focussed on such issues as saving the whales and rain forests and cleaning up waterways.They soon morphed into money-grubbing  collection agencies angrily frustrating beneficial projects in order to generate publicity and secure funding for their annual galas in some of the most exotic, luxurious locales in the world. When “Global Cooling” failed to cover the world in glaciers they turned on a dime to “Global Warming” which failed to materialize, so on to “Climate Change” which didn’t happen, and now it’s “Climate Crisis”. Despite all the real-world, scientific evidence debunking the entire fraud, ignorant politicians continue to shovel billions of their people’s money into worthless projects and to regulate to death projects that would have benefited their people enormously.

* In the 1970’s, the Schwab-founded, Soros-funded World Economic Forum (WEF) began to gather the world’s notables into annual conventions in Davos, Switzerland. There they discussed globalization and other aspects of one-world governance which they, the aristocratic alphas, would naturally control.

* The Comintern failed in its mission to establish a one-world, socialist dictatorship headquartered in Moscow. When the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics crashed in 1989, the Socialist Internationale moved to the United Nations. The UN has long been the home base for one-world government advocates.

* These three mega-groups – Climate Catastrophists, the Davos Gang, and Socialist Internationale, are joined/supported by some individuals in commerce or industry who have earned fortunes, and, by some individuals in movies or TV who have received tons of money for their play-acting. They think their wealth somehow entitles them to control the rest of the world’s people by dictating the conditions in which they will be allowed to live.

* Some resetters, including the Pope and Obama, met at the UN in New york City the weekend of September 25-27, 2015 to finalize the seventeen objectives of their Agenda 21 (2021) that  were meant to control everybody’s life in their one-world, socialist dictatorship. By then, it was obvious that the polar sea ice was not going to disappear by 2021, so they changed the target date to 2030! Whenever that date is mentioned, alarm bells should go off !

I’ve written this memo to you in the hope it will prompt one, some or all of you to form a working group that can inform and persuade enough Canadians to understand what’s happening to our blessed country and change its future. You have the status and stature, the skills and resources. Please do something before it’s too late.