Posted on November 16th, 2008

Obama’s Victory

Obama’s victory marked by a wealth of opportunity Posted: November 15, 2008, 10:30 AM by Kelly McParland Conrad Black, Full Comment, U.S. Politics Having confidently predicted the victory of John McCain, and having stuck with that until his blunderbuss campaign blew up, I will offer a few thoughts to the incoming U.S. administration. Rarely have […]

Letter to Prentice

Dear Mr. Prentice, Congratulations on your elevation to Minister of the Environment. I use the term advisedly because you are now in a position to do great good for current and future generations of Canadians. With respect, I submit you have a golden opportunity to effect real improvements in our environment by redirecting funding to […]

Rescuers Pulling Market Under

Rescuers pulling market under – Drowning in too much stimulus. Drowning

The G20’s

The G20’s architectural folly – One definition of folly–but of merely conventional policy making–is doing the same thing over and over, …. G20’s Folly

Quantum of Failures

Quantum of failures – Forget the markets: massive government failure is behind world fincial chaos. Forget the Markets

Surviving a Destructive Elite

by John Thompson. ‘For civilization is not something inborn or imperishable; it must be acquired anew by every generation, and any serious interruption in its financing or its transmission may bring it to an end.’ Survinging the Elite Will Durant

Time For Tories To Drop Incrementalism

Gerry Nicholls National Post Tuesday, October 21, 2008 With Stephane Dion shuffling off the political stage, the Conservative government must now come to grips with a new enemy. And I am not talking about Bob Rae or Margaret Atwood or a hostile left-wing media. The new enemy for the Conservatives is time; simply put they […]

Conrad Black On Harper

Conrad Black: Harper’s future is an opportunity waiting to be grasped Posted: October 18, 2008, 9:33 AM by Kelly McParland in National Post Stephen Harper has been rather unfairly panned for calling a mid-term election to try to get a parliamentary majority and falling short. But the government gained 17 MPs, extended its lead over […]

Tories Lose

The following lists the factors that denied the Harper Tories a majority despite facing the weakest lineup of opposition leaders in recent memory. 1. They played Liberal identity politics with a vengeance. Tribal/religious/territorial payoffs, apologies, pandering, appeasement to Chinese, Punjabis, Aboriginals, Sikhs, Quebecois, etc. What about Canada? The vast majority of Canadians are united in […]

Repeal Hate Speech Law

Conservative Party votes “overwhelmingly” to repeal hate speech law By Ezra Levant on November 14, 2008 11:28 PM According to reports from the Conservative Party’s convention in Winnipeg, Resolution P-203 — repealing section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the “hate speech” provision — passed “overwhelmingly”. The vote was in a policy plenary session.

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