The Rule of Law

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All of us are vitally interested in the fight to maintain democracy and the rule of law.

The recent Obama fiasco re Professor Gates is illustrative once again of the Obama type of politician that thinks personal judgment by those in positions of power outweighs the rule of law.

There can be no true democracy containing inherent freedoms and liberties without the rule of law and strong adherence to all the underlying principles that uphold our justice system – a justice system founded on English common law, i.e. the equality of every individual before and under the same laws for all and laws that exist by common consent of the electorate passed either by the electorate's representatives or decided by the slow and deliberate rulings of judicial precedent. This system of law is used in all Commonwealth countries and the USA.

We in Canada have already leaped into the cesspool of man-made, off-the-cuff law, special laws for special groups of people and judicial personal opinion activism – Big time!.

Canada Free Press published my article on the subject yesterday. It is apparent the mass media in general have seemed only to focus on who is the racist, racism and who is right and who should have said or not have said what. In my view the more important point is that Obama has once again shown himself not fit to be the leader of any free country. The USA will soon be in racial and other judicial turmoil if this stuff keeps up.

Leaders in our own country established the first HR tribunal system and are still bloody-minded enough to tolerate them because they fear to even challenge them is "Toxic". They will simply have to be defeated at the polls ASAP.

In the case of the recent leadership election in the Ontario PC Party, Tim Hudak and Randy Hillier showed the way, stood up and won the respect of all. Klees and Elliott proved they should never be in a position of power. Let's see what the Tim and Randy can do.

If you have time please encourage them to make sure the issue remains front and center.

Dick Field, July 29, 2009

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