Lies Our ‘Leaders’ Are Telling Us

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C.W. Conn, December 20, 2009.

Right now, we are about 10 years into a new 30 to 40 year warming phase, about 160 years into a 500 to 700 year 'little warm age' and about 20,000 years into and near the peak of the latest of the interglacial periods which have been alternating with glacial periods about every 100,000 years within the current ice age which began about 40 million years ago.

In the 160 years since the current 'little warm age' began about 1850, the global average temperature has increased by 0.9 degrees C – less than 1 degree worldwide. Some areas warm while others cool. That's why it's called an 'average'. The global average was still 1 degree cooler in 2000 AD than it was in 1000 AD.

In those 160 years, the oceans have not submerged the Pacific atolls and oceanside harbours around the world have not been submerged. The polar bear population has nearly doubled in recent decades and the 95% plus of glacier ice in the world, on Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland and Ellesmere Island, is increasing due to increased precipitation. That's why they are 'calving' as their outer edges grow over the water that can't support their massive weight.

Anybody who paid attention in high school should know these facts and any statement that human activity is the cause of these cycles is a bald-faced lie. The sun's varying activity, interacting with the oceans that cover 75% of the earth's surface, and the earth's natural geothermal activities, are the primary drivers of climate change. It's hard to know who is worse – the chicken-little liars or the brain dead lemmings who believe the lies.

The greenhouse effect is the boon that permits all life on this planet to exist! Carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by human activity causes less than one quarter of 1% of the greenhouse effect. Human beings had nothing to do with creating the greenhouse effect and can have absolutely nothing to do with affecting it. The earth enjoyed its greenhouse effect and was going through warming and cooling cycles long before man even existed let alone had fire!

Furthermore, warming climate increases the release of carbon dioxide from the oceans – increases in carbon dioxide do not warm the climate! Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant – it is what plant life breathes. Thus, it is essential to all life on this planet. Botanists routinely increase the level of CO2 in closed environments by three times normal atmospheric levels in order to stimulate plant growth and submariners don't consider CO2 levels dangerous until they are 20 times higher than the normal amount.

Finally, less than 30 years ago, the same class of Swindlers was screaming about the end of the world unless massive amounts of taxpayers dollars were devoted to them and their causes because the world was COOLING!

We simply have to knock some common sense into our legislators and prevent them from passing any measure based on treating carbon dioxide as a problem.

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