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Are Recessions Bad?

By Richard G. Scott, December 20, 2008 The answer is yes. Recessions are unpleasant experiences for many businesses and the people who work for them, not to mention of course the people who ultimately lose their jobs during recessions. So then if recessions are bad, then we should just ban them, right? Why would we […]

Flawed Assumptions about the Credit Crisis: A Critical Examination of US Policymakers

Fraudulent “Credit Crisis” Paves Way for Economic Disaster By Cliff Kincaid Tuesday, December 16, 2008 Doing the kind of investigative reporting we should expect from the major media, a financial research and consulting firm has released a major analysis of the “credit crisis” that concludes that the claims made by Treasury Department Secretary Henry Paulson […]

Ontario Lags on GDP

November 25, 2008 Ontario lags almost all its North American peers in prosperity and has shown little improvement this decade, a new task force report concludes. A report by the province’s Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress says the province ranked 14th out of 16 regions in North America in terms of per […]

The Party’s Over

Linda R. Monk, J. D., is a constitutional scholar, journalist, and nationally award-winning author. A graduate of Harvard Law School , she twice received the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Award, its highest honor for law-related media. Her books include The Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution, Ordinary Americans: U. S. […]

Rescuers Pulling Market Under

Rescuers pulling market under – Drowning in too much stimulus. Drowning

The G20’s

The G20’s architectural folly – One definition of folly–but of merely conventional policy making–is doing the same thing over and over, …. G20’s Folly

Quantum of Failures

Quantum of failures – Forget the markets: massive government failure is behind world fincial chaos. Forget the Markets

Gas Prices

a) Reply to Ron Turley’s Response (below) June 3, 2008 Thanks for your assessments. They are appreciated. Re banning speculators – I agreed in advance there’d be “can’t do it” reactions and that the key questions were how and by whom. But it seems to me to be a fundamental wrong that a few hundred […]

Is Capitalism Conservative?

To: Messrs. Kay, Foster, Dreyer, Cosh, Fulford and Jonas – c.c. Messrs. Corcoran and Gunter Dear Sirs, Re: Your articles on “Is Capitalism Conservative?” Wonderful journalism, and sorely needed. You’ve succeeded in highlighting one of the central problems of our times which is that our leaders, never mind our citizens, are really confused about the […]

Gas Prices Too High?

So what could be done about them? In the GTA these days, the price of gas at the pumps is around $1.00 per litre. We are being buffaloed into accepting dollar-a-litre gasoline (or $4.25 a gallon for us older folks) as “normal”. It’s time we did to the oil industry what was done to the […]

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