Posted in December, 2008

Red Islands

In recent years, the day after every national election, the Toronto Red Star has published maps of the Ontario results. Ridings in which Conservative candidates won were appropriately coloured blue and ridings where Liberal or NDP candidates won were appropriately coloured variants of red; ie. deep pink or coral respectively. The October 2008 election map […]

Education: by John Hart November 24, 2008

As in so many other fields, Liberal policy regarding public education is determined not by solid research but by misguided political correctness. Cases in point: Class Size Everyone “knows” that reducing the size of classes will improve student achievement. It goes without saying that with more individual attention, a student’s marks must improve. Only thing […]

Ontario Lags on GDP

November 25, 2008 Ontario lags almost all its North American peers in prosperity and has shown little improvement this decade, a new task force report concludes. A report by the province’s Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress says the province ranked 14th out of 16 regions in North America in terms of per […]

Goodbye, Charlie Brown. Hello, Bart Simpson

Students once identified with Schulz’s patient, hard-working also-ran. But today, everyone expects recognition–even if they failCollege and university professors across the country had some fun this past week forwarding to one another a National Post news item regarding the era of entitled students. Ellen Greenberger, a research professor of psychology and social behaviour at the […]

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