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It’s sad to see how far down the diversity rabbit hole we’ve been driven. Diversity – Division – Divide. Since we lived in caves, establishment elites have used tribalism, class and religion to divide and control their subject populations.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. got it right – people should be judged by their character. He could have substituted mother tongue or country of birth or education, age, gender, occupation, income or any other of the dozens of components of an individual besides skin colour. Character is determined by words and deeds, actions not ancestry, performance not appearance.

Canadians have been bombarded with the claim that Canada is a mosaic. Think about that. A mosaic is made of pieces of coloured glass or tile stuck in place and divided from each other by cement!

Most Canadians, I believe, would prefer to see Canada as a symphony orchestra – an assembly of persons of all sizes, shapes, ages, genders, religions, ancestries, skin colours, mother tongues, countries of birth, educations, occupations, incomes and shoe sizes in which people work together for a common purpose because they’ve chosen to do so and because they love what they’re doing. They play a host of different instruments, each with a different arrangement but, when the lights go down and the baton starts to move, the single glorious sound of a magnificent symphony transports us.

No matter when or from where we came, the snow falls on all of us. There is only one Canada. There are about 36 million unique and distinct individual persons in it.

However, have you noticed the obscene number of occasions recently that have frustrated the ability of the Canadian government to get things done? We’re lost in a blizzard of blockades. Whether they are aboriginal, religious, ancestral or sex-preference groups, or wasteful/incompetent provincial governments, or enviro-terrorists, they have all chosen blocking of action beneficial to the majority of Canadians as their main purpose in life.

“When the minority is able to frustrate action by the majority, it becomes a tyranny.” Ascribed to Thomas B. Reed, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives 1890 to 1899. Reed was referring to an arcane ruling of the House which required there to be a quorum for any bill to pass and that that quorum could only be determined by voice responses to the roll call. The minority Democrats used the simple device of not responding to the roll call, thereby denying a quorum and preventing the House from passing any useful legislation. Reed got the rule abolished in favour of physical presence being sufficient to signify attendance.

“The first test of a democracy is not how it treats its minorities, but how it serves its majority. Does the great bulk of the population live in an environment of civil liberty, social security and economic opportunity?” William Thorsell, Globe & Mail, January 8, 2000.

The tyranny of minorities has become a colossal problem for Canada. Only a Constitutional revision by a Citizens’ convention can cure it.

March 2019