Racist Folly

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Individuals or organizations that hurl accusations of racism are either woefully ignorant or willfully wicked.

The structural, genetic and organic characteristics of a person from Toledo or Tokyo are identical. Observable physical differences among people are cosmetic. Our hair shape, eye shape, nose shape, lip shape and skin colour are simply a function of the different environments in which our remote ancestors lived for many generations. At one time, we probably all looked like Australian aborigines do today.

Each and every human being on earth is a unique and differentiated person. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. got it right. In his famous speech in Washington, D.C., he ringingly described the universal dream that, “…..one day my children will be judged on the content of their character, not the colour of their skin.” Character not colour; actions not ancestry; performance not appearance. It has always been, and will always be, wrong to judge a person by anything other than their words and deeds. It is particularly disgraceful when an organization of some standing in the community does so.

Through the ages, in every part of the world, human beings devised remarkably similar responses to the challenges of securing food, clothing and shelter for themselves. The dome of an igloo is made of blocks of ice and the gigantic dome of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is made of blocks of stone. Both employ the same principles of physics and engineering.

Human progress occurred by both transfer from one person to another and by independent development. Any human being can learn to do what another has already learned, whether it’s how to chip a sharp edge on a piece of rock or brain surgery. Transferred development occurred wherever people lived near each other. Independent development occurred more slowly when impassable physical barriers separated groups of people. The point is that whether by transferred or independent learning, human beings all over the world developed remarkably similar solutions to the survival challenges their different environments posed.

Similarly, the multitude of mythologies developed by different societies appear, at first reading, to be wildly different. Yet the same themes recur, time and time again, in mythologies from widely separated parts of the earth or times in history. The way the earth was formed, the retreat of the glaciers, the floods, the hierarchy and functions of the gods, the days of the giants, the origins of human beings, and tales of heroism, treachery, devotion and wickedness – all the strengths and weaknesses of humanity – are richly represented in almost every mythology.

There is only one race. There are about 7 billion unique and distinct individual persons in it.

January 23, 2019