The First Canadians II

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First Canadian or Original Native Affairs: The damage done to Canada and her original natives by the Indian Industry should never have been allowed to get started, and, has to be stopped, reversed and repaired at the earliest possible date.

It is completely inaccurate to use the term “first nations” when referring to Canada’s first or original native people. At most, 150,000 to 175,000 people were living in what is now Canada at the beginning of the 17th century after about 11,500 years of being here. They lived in hundreds of clans and bands loosely grouped in several dozen tribes that were loosely linked in twelve different language families. The original natives considered themselves to be subjects of the Crown, and their local self governance was totally typical of pre and proto civilized communities throughout history all over the world.

From a witches’ brew of misguided Christian charity, arrogant elitist paternalism, and bureaucratic convenience, our forefathers created the bigoted Indian Status concept and built the segregated ghetto collectives called reservations. Continue Reading »

Spicer Extracts

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Cherry-picked extracts from Chairman Keith Spicer's Foreword to The Citizens' Forum On Canada's Future, published in June 1991.

"The idea of Canada as a model for mankind is a grand one, worth defending far more passionately than many of us, or our leaders, do.

This country is dying of ignorance and of our stubborn refusal to learn. Lazy, cynical official minds have too long dismissed the obvious practical answers to these problems as 'simplistic' and 'naïve'. Broad travel and exchange opportunities, for example, and better teaching of shared history. Continue Reading »

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