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The “Global Warming/Climate Change” movement is the most colossal fraud in history. Existing facts prove the case.

1.The “Greenhouse Effect” of the atmosphere enables all life on earth – animal and vegetable.

  1. There IS a consensus among climate scientists that at least 95% of the Greenhouse Effect is caused by the water vapour in the atmosphere – clouds, fogs, mists, etc. One study found it was 97%, but let’s stay with 95%.
  2. The remaining 5% is caused by 4 dry gasses – Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Fluorcarbons. Carbon Dioxide is the most important constituting about 80% of the dry gasses contribution to the Greenhouse Effect, thus 4% of the total.
  3. 95% of the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere comes from natural causes – mainly the oceans, but also volcanoes (remember Mount St. Helens and the Iceland volcanoes?), rotting vegetation and animal exhalations.
  4. The remaining 5% of the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere comes from humans burning fossil fuels.
  5. Simply do the math – 5% of 4% equals 0.2%. Thus, humans burning fossil fuels contribute a fifth of one percent to the Greenhouse Effect.

Furthermore, Carbon Dioxide is a nutrient – it stimulates plant growth.

The Climate Change Fraud has absolutely nothing to do with climate. It is based on 104 computer-generated models constructed by 40-odd publicity-craving, money-grubbing academics – 102 of which proved to be ridiculously wrong!